Family-School Partnership



The school has an energetic and committed P&F committee who could always use support; many hands make light work.  
The P&F meets on the second Tuesday of each month to plan fundraising events and to discuss relevant issues.  The P&F have provided many resources for the students over a long period of time.

Parent Engagement

Authentic and effective partnerships between the school and parents and carers are vital to the success of our educational venture. Our home-school relationships are grounded in mutual respect, care, and concern for the growth and development of every child at the school. Engagement takes on many forms that range from participating at school events, connecting with learning and ensuring excellent communication.

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s school life. These could be through membership of the Parent Assembly, organising events with class parents, volunteering to help in the canteen and classrooms, or undertaking Learning Journeys where the students are asked to demonstrate their leanings to their parents.

Each year the school offers a parent engagement program based upon an identified Key Learning Area of interest or need.  In 2019 the program is Mathematics. The engagement program entails one parent evening each term that is interactive and non-threatening.  The programs aim to provide parents with basic skills to identify opportunities around the home where they can assist and engage with their child in the subject of mathematics.  As each program is delivered, the parents become more familiar with the pedagogy of the school and more confident in engaging with their child’s learning.

The school offers an interview at the completion of terms two and four after the receipt of their child’s report cards. In addition to this, the parents are encouraged to take advantage of interviews held in weeks four and five of term one to discuss their child’s needs, interests, areas for growth and areas of strength. Teachers provide parents with their school email address to enable consistent communication and are available upon appointment to meet either before or after school and in some cases during the school day.

Learning Journeys

Each Stage cohort hosts a Learning Journey once a semester. Students welcome the opportunity to share their learning and work samples with parents, carers and other special visitors.
Learning Journeys are held in the classroom and have become a special feature of school life for children, parents, carers and the extended family.